Keith Anderson and Peter Kamboukos started KP Elite to be a new type of real estate company. With years of experience between them, they understand the up-and-down struggles of real estate. Because of that, Keith and Pete invest a lot of time training their agents and developing their team members all year long. That way, their agents have the skills necessary to survive during the good times and the bad.

Keith Anderson and Peter Kamboukous, co-founders of KP Elite


Message from our founders:

We are both former members of other teams and know the struggles of being a team member as well as the benefits. We set out to build our team with an agent first focus. We each asked ourselves "what would I want if I was on my own team?"

Following this principle, we run our team with a focus on giving as much back to our agents as we can. They are truly the focus of the business and of our growth. Our vision is for all of our agents to build an extraordinary business and create generational wealth for themselves and their families.

We created an environment where our agents can thrive and have all the tools necessary to build a lucrative business by collaborating with other agents who encourage each other to elevate and succeed! We strive for not only growth within business, but within their personal lives as well. Our team is a family, and we want the best for all our family members!

Come work with us!

- Keith Anderson and Peter Kamboukos


KP Elite is growing at a rapid rate. Even at times when the real estate market seems to be struggling, the number of agents on our team continues to rise.

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Our real estate team provides a wide variety of advantages including:

  • Exclusive training on major topics like contracts, marketing, sales, and more.
  • Tools and resources that will make your job as a real estate agent easier.
  • High-quality leads for our top-performing agents.
  • Learn how to become one of the highest-grossing agents in the state.

Every week, KP Elite holds regular education events to ensure our agents are always up-to-date on the best real estate practices. We offer multiple trainings every week that cover a range of topics such as marketing, sales, contract writing, and beyond.

Every real estate agent wants leads, and KP Elite always has a steady flow of intentional homebuyers and sellers coming in. We offer these quality leads to agents who prove themselves as diligent workers. As you grow within the team, you can add your name to the list of our agents who receive incoming leads.

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