Setting the Second Appointment – How To Stop Clients From “Ghosting” You!

We hear this same issue come up all the time from agents, getting ghosted by clients after the first appointment. You build rapport, do all your homework, you’re excited, and then you try following up after what you thought was a great appointment, only to be ignored or “Ghosted” by these potential clients. Let’s fix […]

Should agents be writing backup offers in this market?

In this KP Elite Wednesday Training Video, Keith Anderson asks the question “Should agents be writing backup offers in this market?” The answer may surprise you! We hope you enjoy this video and, as always, if you need help with your real estate business, you can contact us now!

Protecting your schedule by rethinking the way you show homes

Why is protecting your schedule important? As a real estate agent, you are busy. You have open houses to set up, showings to schedule, prospecting calls to make, and sellers that want to hear your marketing plan for selling their place. So how do you protect your schedule and get valuable time back? You need […]