The real estate industry is one of the most competitive and difficult industries to break into. After all, there’s a ton of competition and it can be tough to stay afloat in this competitive atmosphere. However, many don’t realize just how hard it is for agents to succeed in this field. In fact, an astonishing 90% of agents fail within their first three years!
In today’s Podcast, Pete and Keith talk about what a Super Cycle is and are we in one? Could this increase in the appreciation in the housing market continue for another 10 years? Listen as we dive into the current market, inflation, affordability, rentals and so much more!
With interest rates still extremely low and inflation on the rise, now might be the perfect time to ditch the stocks and invest in real estate. In today's episode of the KP Podcast, Pete and Keith discuss why real estate could be an attractive investment right now compared to the stock market. They go over what the Fed is and what they do, inflation, and several other key real estate investment concepts.
In today's episode of the Podcast, Pete Kamboukos and Keith Anderson, Co-Owners of the KP Elite Team | EXP, dive into a question that every agent asks, Do Open Houses Still Work? Are they worth your time?
As an agent, you work hard on growing and maintaining your business and that’s why it's important to remember the big picture. We've got family, other things that make life worth living and memorable in addition to work. So today, Keith and Pete are going to talk about a subject that they both love, sports. More specifically, football. Listen as they make their predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Let’s have some fun!

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