A lot of people lately are saying we have so much inventory but the question is are we actually way oversupplied?! Well, let's find out. For today's podcast, Keith and Pete will talk about the housing shortage. Yep, you heard it right! There are fewer houses available today in the market. Watch this!
For today's podcast, we will talk about the current market that all of the agents are dealing with when it comes to Listings! Getting a listing today is not like last year, where you can put a property on the market and get 10 offers on the first day. Listings today are very hard to find, but for today's podcast, Pete and Keith will talk about How To Have Successful Listings In This Type Of Market!
For today's episode, Pete and Keith will be discussing a very spooky topic called Shadow Inventory! It's no secret that the market is spooky right? We all know about the current inventory but what most agents don't know is there's more behind those numbers in the market. They will explain everything you need to know about shadow inventory and where it comes from, so stay tuned!
In today's podcast, we will be diving in on the people who make up our team and our culture. We have a special guest in today's episode, Anthony "Big Tuna" Fortuna, one of our Top producers and part of our Platinum card, to share more about being himself and how he ended up with the KP Elite team.
We all know that money is not in the main media, we know about it and we are aware of it but in this topic, we will dig more into what we call the “Death of the Dollar”. How can this so called “Death of the Dollar” affects our current situation? In today’s episode of the KP Podcast, Keith and Pete talk about a topic that everyone can relate to and it affects everyone and everyone uses it. MONEY!
As an agent, you work hard on growing and maintaining your business and that’s why it's important to remember the big picture. We've got family and other things that make life worth living and memorable in addition to work.
In today's episode of the Podcast, Pete and Keith talk about the latest real estate market update for the third quarter of 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. They discuss home prices, the number of homes on the market, and the current state of the market. They also provide their insights on what they expect to see in the fourth quarter of the year and beyond.
OpenDoor, one of the largest iBuyers in the country, has just been fined $62 million by the FTC for "cheating sellers with misleading claims". This will not only affect how OpenDoor markets itself but will also affect the entire iBuyer industry.

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