What We Offer


KP Elite is building the highest-grossing real estate team in Arizona. We want you to succeed and thrive as an agent. Our team provides the top training and development programs for our team. When you see everything you get as an agent, you'll know why we're the best real estate team in the state.

Expert Training

We offer world-class real estate training and coaching every week. Sharpen your skills on contract writing, marketing, sales, industry knowledge, current marketing updates, and more.

High-Quality Leads

Leads are the most valuable resources a real estate agent could ever want. We provide quality leads to our highest-performing agents and we’ll teach you how to get more real estate leads for yourself.

Transaction Management

With KP Elite, you don’t have to worry about the administrative parts of real estate. We’ll handle the transaction portion so you can focus on building your business.

Essential Tools

Need real estate tools? Get access to business cards, listing signs, lockbox and installation, a CRM, buyer/seller marketing materials, Open House kits, flyers, and more.

Strategic Partnerships

We have an in-house lender ready to help you give your clients the best homebuying experience. Our team has also negotiated with title to make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

Fully-staffed Team

KP Elite comes complete with business coaches, transaction assistants, operations staff, marketing experts, and more. You’ll have access to the most trusted resources for your business.